Wearables are now receiving FDA approval

Wearables are no longer just activity trackers or tools that are being used by athletes to monitor their performance. Here is a prime example of a wearable device that received medical verification. This particular device received FDA approval as a medical device to measure ECG/EKG data from the wrist. It is an add-on for the Apple Watch in the form of a wristband. This device enhances the capabilities of the Apple Watch to detect heart problems, if you want more information about it, you can find it here on TechCrunch.

AliveCor isn't the first device to receive the FDA stamp, and the FDA is speeding up the process for more wearables as well as apps to obtain approval. The digital health industry is proliferating and these are first examples of a government to accepting and embracing this new reality. This first pilot program, and hopefully not only program, is intended for tech companies to bring products faster to market.