7 signs of health problems - 8 health habits, but definitely not burnout cures!

Source: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/signs-you-have-burnout/

CNET posted the above-liked article about seven signs that, supposedly, tell that you have burnout and what you can do about it.

The article points out seven signs that are related to burnout, but if one has a full-fledged burnout, these solutions alone won't help anymore. If you suffer from burnout (exhaustion depression), please seek professional help. But these symptoms can but don't necessarily have to be, a precursor or early sign of approaching burnout.

The signs mentioned are:

  1. You dread going to work and can't wait to leave

  2. You find yourself unproductive and have difficulty concentrating

  3. You lack patience with co-workers and clients

  4. You suffer from unexplained headaches, stomach aches, or nausea

  5. You can't seem to get over that one cold

  6. You're exhausted all day, but can't sleep at night

  7. You stop enjoying activities outside of work

The recommendations to resolve these pre-burnout issues according to CNET are:

  1. Eat your vegetables and drink more water

  2. Exercise

  3. Get more sleep

  4. Say no to extra work responsibilities

  5. Take a break, then take another

  6. Spend time with positive people and limit contact with those who bring you down

  7. Practice yoga or try mediation

  8. Schedule time to play

Of course, all these habits are good and should be in a healthy persons routine and lifestyle, but they don't cure your burnout, they do lower the risk of getting burnout in the first place though. The above symptoms are some burnout symptoms, but they do not mean you have fully developed burnout or exhaustion depression. However, if you have these symptoms, see your doctor.

This article gives awareness that to burnout, it provides tips for a healthy lifestyle, but it clearly fails to incorporate the dangers of burnout and uses the title burnout as clickbait. It's dangerous to tell people with burnout to do these eight things, and they will get better. If you have a developed burnout (exhaustion depression) get professional help. Don't rely on these home remedies only. You can incorporate them into your daily habit, but also there, ask your doctor first. Depending on your condition, exercising might not be healthy for you at this time. It's easy to recommend someone to get more sleep. But exactly there lays the problem, often burnout is accompanied by insomnia; thus, this recommendation is nothing more than "cute." If you have insomnia for a prolonged time, you again should see your doctor.

Overall this article gives excellent tips on how to reduce the risk of burnout and live healthier overall, but it's not a cure for burnout.