Why nearly 40 percent of employees are so burned out they want to quit

“Your best employee might be ready to quit” (Yahoo Finance).

A recent survey in the United States discovered that around 40 percent of employees are ready to quit because of burnout.

What was interesting is the reason why these employees want to quit, work-life balance isn’t even in the top three. The top three reasons are:

  1. Lack of career growth

    The number one reason for burnout, according to this survey, was the that employees feel they are in a dead-end job.

    Managers should ask employees what is important to them and develop a career plan with them.

    Employees should remember that their boss has isn’t a mind reader and has other tasks. Managers can’t stay on top of everything at all time; thus, it’s not wrong to ask for a meeting about career planning.

  2. Lack of appreciation

    Over 40 percent of the surveyed said their burnout was caused by their boss not appreciating them enough.

    Managers need to understand that younger employees care a lot more about feedback. Money isn’t the only motivator in a managers repository and giving an employee positive feedback goes a long way to fuel the employee’s desire to be appreciated.

    Employees can ask their superiors for feedback on how and what can they can improve on their end. This feedback can give employees a new challenge; also, a good manager will remember to throw in the positives.

  3. Overloaded schedules

    The pressure to accomplish more tasks in a day, then there is time to get the jobs completed.

    Managers should give employees time during the day to decompress. They should realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution; some employees need more time than others.

    Employees should communicate to the manager when there are not enough hours in a day to finish all tasks. Managers may not be aware of how much time each task takes.

Source: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/why-nearly-40-percent-employees-135000666.html