resilient's Horizon 2020 Project Application cleared Stage 1

Our project cleared the first stage of the two stage application process for a European commissioned Horizon 2020 Project. A total of 530 proposals were submitted and 138 met the threshold for stage two.

We are very excited about this positive development and we are looking forward to work together with our amazing consortium to take on the challenge of the second stage.

We worked hard and long hours to finish the project application, passing the first stage makes us all very proud.

First Ambulatory Assessment Study

We have started our first ambulatory assessment study, this study consists of 10 subjects, five with burnout and five without burnout, data will be collected for a 14-day time period. This first ambulatory assessment was made possible through our partner the psy-bern AG. Subjects are given multiple questionnaires, which are used in todays clinical and ambulatory settings, we also developed our own questionnaires in app together with the psy-bern AG. Subjects also receive hardware such as a Smartphone (with our App installed), a Polar H10 chest belt (sponsored by Polar Switzerland), multiple accelerometer sensors and a bed sensor. In the end we will use this first trial dataset to model and predict stress.


Sponsoring from Polar


We want to thank Polar Switzerland for loaning us ten Polar H10 chest belts for our first clinical trials in June of 2018.

The Polar H10 is one of the most accurate hear rate monitors matching the accuracy of medical grade ECG devices. It not only has excellent accuracy but also a 400h battery life, which makes it the ideal hardware tool for our clinical trials. 

For more information about the Polar H10 see the details directly from Polar.

Polar's Website URL:

resilient is now listed on Dr. Hempel's Digital Health Network

resilient is now listed on Dr. Hempel's Digital Health Network

resilient inc. just made it onto the list of Dr. Hempel's Digital Health Network's 888 innovative digital health, eHealth, mHealth startups worldwide.

You can visit the list here and search for resilient.