Artificial intelligence could globally revolutionize health care—unless it destroys it

Artificial intelligence could globally revolutionize health care—unless it destroys it

Healthcare is the logical next step for the AI revolution. We agree with the article that especially with healthcare AI cannot be implemented freely and the so-coined Silicon Valley way. We strongly believe that for AI in healthcare to work and benefit the right stakeholders there is a need for doctors and therapists to be deeply included in the training and development of these algorithms, and later in controlling the systems, some systems might need very little control, and others need more. The amount of control highly depends on multiple facets, from the disease to the progression, and many more even what other alternatives there are to a particular patient. For example, it's better for a patient to get a pre-approved and tested AI to help than no help at all.

Microsoft's future is more interesting than Windows

Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott was interviewed by Fortune magazine on the future direction of the company. A big part of Scott’s job as the CTO of Microsoft is to ensure Microsoft is always up to date with the latest technological trends in their industry.

He mentioned the three future directions where Microsoft will invest most are:

  • Quantum Computing which is still a few years away, but a very promising field

  • A bit closer is the field of mixed-reality in which Microsoft already made a good impression with the Holo-Lens and other products like the Xbox Kinect.

  • And even closer is the notion of intelligent edge, which is the combination of IOT (internet connected-devices), sensors and AI.

Scott’s statements confirm that we are on the right path. When the core idea of resilient was born in 2015, we already looked forward with the idea in mind that one day we use smart learning algorithms to make sense of all the data we can collect from the devices in our lives, in order to give us understandable context from all data gathered by all the connected things in our lives.