First Ambulatory Assessment Study

We have started our first ambulatory assessment study, this study consists of 10 subjects, five with burnout and five without burnout, data will be collected for a 14-day time period. This first ambulatory assessment was made possible through our partner the psy-bern AG. Subjects are given multiple questionnaires, which are used in todays clinical and ambulatory settings, we also developed our own questionnaires in app together with the psy-bern AG. Subjects also receive hardware such as a Smartphone (with our App installed), a Polar H10 chest belt (sponsored by Polar Switzerland), multiple accelerometer sensors and a bed sensor. In the end we will use this first trial dataset to model and predict stress.


A quarter of Swiss workers stressed and exhausted, according to new research

The Universities of Applied Sciences in Bern and Zurich conducted a three-year (2014-2016) study and discovered, that a quarter of all Swiss employees are stressed and exhausted. It's important to note that absenteeism is only the tip of the iceberg, on-the-job inefficiencies caused by high-stress cost twice as much as absenteeism costs.

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Bundesverwaltungsgericht stützt Opfer von Burnout - (German)

Heute wird es für Arbeitgeber immer wichtiger, dass Angestellte in einem gesunden Klima arbeiten können. 

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