Prevention is the best way to save lives and resources. 

Resilient SA is a Swiss digital health startup. Together with leading mental health care providers, we develop a scalable burnout prevention system named STOA.

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Our mission

Make it possible for organizations to support their employees and prevent them from burning out at scale.

Over 50 years of experience in treating chronic stress and burnout taught us:

  • - Everyone needs support to adapt to fast-paced modern life.
  • - Burnout could be avoided in most cases.
Our vision

Resilience for everyones’ life-long benefit.

The resilient future is:

  • - Where people use resources and technology to prevent health problems, not to cover damages.
  • - Where mental health hygiene is a social norm.
  • - Where people not only keep track of their calories and steps but track their energy and quality of life.
Our team

Who we are.

We are a diverse team of passionate individuals from a wide range of backgrounds dedicated to finding innovative preventive solutions to mental health problems. Our team’s comprehensive expertise enables us to attack burnout from every direction.


Max Grossenbacher
Co-founder & CEO
Jürg Grossenbacher
Co-founder & CCO (Chief Clinical Officer)
MD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, FMH
Peter Oeschger
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board


Yuriy Ilchenko
Data Scientist & AI Specialist
Vladislav Kochergin
Lead Software Engineer
Olga Kucherova
Full-stack Web Developer
Nikita Okunev
Mobile Developer
Marc Lächler
Franziska Schneeberger
Psychologist and Human Resources


We stacked our Advisory Board with leading experts in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, burnout therapy, digital therapy, stress immune response, and natural language understanding.

Barbara Hochstrasser
Burnout Syndrome Expert
Thomas Berger
Advisor Psychology
Prof. PhD
Michael Soyka
Advisor Ethics and Study Design
Professor, MD
Thomas Müller
Advisor Psychiatry
Prof. MD
Gerladine Canny
Advisor Health and Research
Gustavo Mendonça
Advisor Computational Linguistics
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Our Partners

Valuable partnerships to prevent society from burning out.

Leading Swiss mental healthcare providers.

Clienia AG

is a leading private clinic group for psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic mental health in the eastern German-speaking part of Switzerland.
Clienia Group offers outpatient, inpatient, and long-term care programs for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.
Clienia is an innovator in mental health that supports innovative projects, which show promise to improve mental health prevention and treatment.

psy-bern AG

is the largest ambulatory private practice in Bern, Switzerland.
The practice was founded by Juerg Grossenbacher, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, FMH, who is a co-founder and the chief clinical officer of Resilient.
In addition to treating the whole spectrum of mental diseases. Psy-bern prides itself on employing innovative therapeutic approaches.

Michel Gruppe AG

includes the Private Clinic Meiringen, the Rehaklinik Hasliberg, and the Helsenberg Foundation.

The Private Clinic Meiringen is a member of "The Swiss Leading Hospitals" and is one of the leading psychiatric clinics in the western German-speaking part of Switzerland. The clinic is well known for treating Burnout.

The rehabilitation clinic Hasliberg offers not only musculoskeletal but also psychosomatic rehabilitation. The Helsenberg Foundation operates dormitories and sheltered workshops for mentally impaired people.

Research partners.

Technology partners.

Swiss partners.

European partners.

On November 25th, 2020, Resilient received the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for its application to the Horizon 2020 EIC accelerator program. Unfortunately, we did not receive the grant because the resources for this specific call were already allocated. But once possible, we will re-apply to the new Horizon Europe program.

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