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Rage Room Opens in Tempe Arizona

Because of more and more stress these days, there are new ideas popping up for de-stressing. In Tempe, Arizona, a rage room opened for people to release their excess stress, frustration, and rage. People can buy packages; one looks like an office space, where computers and office equipment can be smashed with a baseball bat.

This short-term solution can help to release stress, though it’s not sure how healthy it is to habituate people to smash things when they are frustrated. It’s a different approach for people who do not like to go to a gym.

Source: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/-rage-release-room-in-tempe-helps-you-de-stress

Work Stress Is Causing Major Burnout Among Millennials, Data Shows

Work Stress Is Causing Major Burnout Among Millennials, Data Shows

Millennials suffering from burnout, already at the beginning of their career, due to fear of job loss, the expectation to be always available, and because of too much overtime

It's time to re-think how we raise our children

It's time to re-think how we raise our children

In the history of humanity have children never been worse off than today. Societal pressures of today are forbidding children to be children, playing which is a required function for healthy development is being pushed aside with the idea to increase performance.

Microsoft's future is more interesting than Windows

Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott was interviewed by Fortune magazine on the future direction of the company. A big part of Scott’s job as the CTO of Microsoft is to ensure Microsoft is always up to date with the latest technological trends in their industry.

He mentioned the three future directions where Microsoft will invest most are:

  • Quantum Computing which is still a few years away, but a very promising field

  • A bit closer is the field of mixed-reality in which Microsoft already made a good impression with the Holo-Lens and other products like the Xbox Kinect.

  • And even closer is the notion of intelligent edge, which is the combination of IOT (internet connected-devices), sensors and AI.

Scott’s statements confirm that we are on the right path. When the core idea of resilient was born in 2015, we already looked forward with the idea in mind that one day we use smart learning algorithms to make sense of all the data we can collect from the devices in our lives, in order to give us understandable context from all data gathered by all the connected things in our lives.

Absenteeism increase of 20 percent in the last 5 years - Unhealthy Stress is the main cause

The stress epidemic is on the rise in Switzerland the increase of absenteeism increased by 20 percent in the last 5-years. Absenteeism for psychological illnesses increased by 35 percent, our experts mentioned that stress is the root cause for this significant increase.

After the data being published Switzerland's media was buzzing on Saturday, April the 22. 2018. The articles are in German: Tagesanzeiger and Blick reported. The NZZ Published report (here - free registration required to read the report) the day before, on which the news reports are based. This trend significantly accelerates the health-related cost explosion in Switzerland. Psychological illnesses now account for CHF 20 billion per year. 



Wearables are now receiving FDA approval

Wearables are no longer just activity trackers or tools that are being used by athletes to monitor their performance. Here is a prime example of a wearable device that received medical verification. This particular device received FDA approval as a medical device to measure ECG/EKG data from the wrist. It is an add-on for the Apple Watch in the form of a wristband. This device enhances the capabilities of the Apple Watch to detect heart problems, if you want more information about it, you can find it here on TechCrunch.

AliveCor isn't the first device to receive the FDA stamp, and the FDA is speeding up the process for more wearables as well as apps to obtain approval. The digital health industry is proliferating and these are first examples of a government to accepting and embracing this new reality. This first pilot program, and hopefully not only program, is intended for tech companies to bring products faster to market.

Switzerland's health care costs are rising again

Switzerland's compulsory health insurance premiums will rise by almost five percent for the next year. The Santésuisse reported that the cost to insurers had risen "excessively" in 2016 to CHF 31.5 billion. You can read the full article at The Local ch. This is becoming troublesome for some households, some families end up paying CHF 22,000 per year for the mandatory basic health insurance, which is more than 20 percent of their household income. Compulsory health insurance premiums came into force in 1996, since then the average yearly cost for the insurance premiums increased by 4.6 percent, which is much higher than inflation. In 1996 the average monthly health insurance invoice was CHF 173, in 2016 it was CHF 428. The full article can also be read at The Local ch

This problem isn't isolated to Switzerland, health care costs are rising everywhere. In the U.S. the health care costs in 2015 were $3.2 trillion or about 18 percent of the nations GDP, in comparison to the 1960s U.S. health care spending was only 5 percent of the GDP. The full article is available at the balance.

Mental health costs are especially on the rise, this has to do with the de-stigmatization of seeing a mental health professional, more awareness given to the topic in the media, and better access to mental health services. For the first time ever the University of Zurich researched the cost of mental health and discovered that mental disorders are among the most burdensome of all disease groups. The estimated cost of mental disorder in Switzerland is CHF 15 billion per year, that's CHF 2,000 per person living in the nation. If you want more information you can read the report at Swissinfo.

The reason for the high cost of mental health is because of the long duration of treatment. 







Bundesverwaltungsgericht stützt Opfer von Burnout - (German)

Heute wird es für Arbeitgeber immer wichtiger, dass Angestellte in einem gesunden Klima arbeiten können. 

Den Bericht von SRF finden sie unter: https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/bundesverwaltungsgericht-stuetzt-opfer-von-burnout